Carter® Mechanical Fuel Pumps

Our mechanical fuel pumps are available for most domestic and imported passenger cars, trucks, marine and industrial engines. Many of these pumps were original equipment; others are built to meet or exceed OE requirements.

Mechanical Fuel PumpsDie-cast aluminum pumps

Die-cast aluminum pumps are some of the oldest and more durable pumps that we offer. Many OE applications are still offered for domestic, marine and industrial applications.

Stamped steel

Our stamped steel valve chamber pump incorporates a large diameter diaphragm for high capacity and good vapor handling characteristics. Its innovative design was used as original equipment by domestic automobile manufacturers.

Billet aluminum and polished super street
racing pumps

Our super mechanical pumps contain heavy-duty diaphragms, high speed “anti-float” springs, large “full flow” valves, lightweight all-aluminum castings and a tough, heat-treated lever.