In response to a growing need in the automotive industry, Carter offers fuel pump assemblies for vehicles with pressures between 45-60 PSI.

Components of Carter Fuel Pump Assemblies

Each Carter assembly* includes features that bring exclusive benefits to every application:

  • Metal Clamps — Prevent blowoffs on the fuel supply hose
  • Silver Alloy Buttons — Increase the life of the sender assembly
  • Over-Molded Armature — Reduces fuel flow turbulence
  • Carbon Commutator — Eliminates oxidation and high electrical erosion
  • Rubber Feet — Reduce noise and vibration during operation
  • Float Arm — Pre-mounted and calibrated to ensure proper fuel read
  • CleanScreen™ Technology — Internal and external filtration provides 40% more dirt-holding capacity

*Application specific


As an industry leader, Carter is committed to supporting the customer before, during and after the sale with information that will help get the job done more efficiently.

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