Carter fuel pump accessories feature the same OE fit, form and function as our other fuel delivery products, giving precise performance every time.

Our fuel pump accessories include:

Wiring harnesses

Used in replacing the existing worn or damaged harnesses during the repair.


Carter utilized CleanScreen™ multilayer filtration to replace the original filtration. CleanScreen technology has 40% more dirt-holding capacity*.

*Application specific

Tank Lock Rings

Secure assemblies to the tank.

Tank Seals

Provides a secure seal from the gas tank to assembly cover.


As an industry leader, Carter is committed to supporting the customer before, during and after the sale with information that will help get the job done more efficiently.

If your fuel pump is not pumping enough fuel to keep up with the engine, it may need to be replaced. This can be completed in 12 seamless steps.

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Proactively prevent issues by understanding these three main signs of fuel pump failures.

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Pertinent information on universal pump guidelines including standard pump location.

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