Proactively prevent issues by understanding these three main signs of fuel pump failures.

A failing fuel pump delivers far less fuel to the engine, and while this is a significant vehicle setback there are ways to anticipate this problem.

The three major signs of fuel pump failure include:

  1. Hesitation during acceleration: The vehicle’s acceleration is slower than normal or the engine shuts down completely during acceleration. This could mean the fuel pump is struggling to keep up with the increased need for gasoline.
  2. Rough idle: A clogged fuel pump prevents the proper amount of gasoline from getting to the engine, which ultimately affects the idle speed.
  3. The vehicle isn’t starting: This is cut and dry, but if the vehicle fails to start the fuel pump may be to blame.

If any of these are detected, it’s recommended to inspect the fuel pump to check the status of your vehicle and proactively prevent further issues.